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Janelle Cooper, B.S., LMT, CPT

Janelle began her career in health & wellness after taking a leap of passion in 2015.  After a few years working in the marketing field after college she developed a passion for physical fitness and wanting to help others along her own journey.  She earned the Personal Trainer Certification from National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) in 2015 and helped dozens of clients achieve strength and weight loss goals.  But she always wanted to do more for clients with injuries.  Seeking more advanced knowledge, she worked hands-on with physical therapy treatments as a rehabilitation assistant.  From this experience she was able to understand the process of evaluating injuries and dysfunction, as well as a deeper understanding of complex medical conditions.  

Janelle is a runner, weight lifter, should-be yogi, and outdoors junkie.  Through her own personal injuries and exposure to various types of healthcare treatments, she noticed that massage gave a unique way to heal the body.  She completed her 650 hours of massage training and internship at Advanced Fuller School of Massage in Virginia Beach in November 2019.  She obtained licensure by the Virginia Board of Nursing in January 2020 and from the North Carolina Board of Massage & Bodywork in 2021.   Kinetic Restoration LLC opened for massage in March 2020.  Janelle opened a larger location in Virginia Beach in 2021 that now has multiple skilled massage therapists.  The Moyock location opened in 2021 and offered Janelle a way to work closer to home.


  Regardless of severe medical adversity, or common orthopedic ailment, Janelle noticed among the people she worked with over the years, MOVEMENT IS MEDICINE.  When the body has a weakness, it causes pain and dysfunction in more than one area over time. When you're in pain, you don't want to move - scared to hurt yourself, too painful, unmotivated, depressed, tired...but if you keep working at it, you WILL adapt and find yourself feeling better.  

Regardless of your situation, Janelle can help you get back to your healthy self, achieve higher athletic performance, or improve your daily quality of life.  She incorporates a science-based approach to massage and has been trained in a variety of techniques: cupping, instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization, neuromuscular therapy, myofascial release, deep tissue, and stretching.  Bonus: integration of massage and strength exercises to alleviate chronic conditions.  Book your first appointment now and see what makes Kinetic Restoration different!

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